Friday, October 26, 2007

Browallia Speciosa (Amethyst Violet)

These are showy plants with violet-blue flowers that appear in early summer or autumn depending on climate and when seeds were started. They are best treated as annuals and discarded when flowering has finished. The stems tend to droop so display plants in eye-level hanging baskets or massed together on a low table.

Warm, sunny.

Browallia speciosa grow to 10-12 inch tall with a similar spread. Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushy growth. Mature plants are offered for sale in autumn.

Feed with standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

Repotting is unnecessary.

Special points
Destroy any greenfly you may find.

Similar-shaped species
Browallia viscosa is only half the size of B.speciosa, with smaller leaves and flowers. The leaves are slightly sticky.

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