Friday, October 26, 2007

Billbergia Nutans (Queen's Tears)

These plants have tough leaves with toothed edges. There may be many plants in the same pot, as production of offsets is prolific. 1 luring the main flowering season, May to June, the foliage is interspersed with trailing, bright-pink bracts. These bracts open to display the small yellow, green and purple flowers. Billbergia nutans are best displayed at eye-level as feature plants.

Warm, sunny.

The leaves reach about 2 feet in length. Spread depends on the number of offsets produced. Small plants are offered for sale.

Feed with standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks during spring and summer.

Repot every spring using bromeliad potting mixture. Once plants are in 6in pots topdress instead.

Special points
The rosette of leaves should be cut away at the base after flowering to allow the offsets around it to develop.

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