Thursday, October 11, 2007

Allamanda Cathartica (Golden Trumpet)

These climbing plants produce bright, buttercup-yellow flowers over a period of many weeks during the summer. The oval leaves which are carried on long stems are a glossy dark-green color. If grown in a conservatory border, or in a tub, Allamanda cathartica can be trained to cover a wall. For the smaller room, they can be grown in pots and trained over a wire framework of any shape.

Warm, filtered sun.

These plants are fast-growing and can attain a maximum height and spread of 7 feet. They should be cut back by as much as two-thirds in winter. Small plants are offered for sale in summer.

Feed with standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks in summer.

Repot every spring using soil-based potting mixture. If you don't want to move an older plant into a larger pot, topdress instead.

Special points
Water less in winter.

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