Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Campanula Isophylla (Italian Bellflower)

Campanula isophylla produce clusters of delicate-looking white or pale-blue flowers in early August and continue flowering until November. The flowers are normally so numerous that they completely hide the pale-green foliage. They are best treated as annuals and discarded when flowering has finished. These are useful plants for massing in hanging baskets or window-boxes. They look good in conservatories or informal rooms.

Cool, sunny.

The slender stems reach a maximum length of 1ft. Pinch out growing tips to encourage bushy growth. Small plants are offered for sale in summer.

Feed with standard liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the flowering season.

Repot every spring using soil-based potting mixture. When plants are in 5 inch pots topdress instead.

Special points
Mist-spray plants in hanging baskets daily during summer and autumn.

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